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Canada is a vast land with a vast area prone to wildland fire.  Across this country hundreds of Fire Managers work to manage fires in a broad variety of conditions, with a plethora of tools, techniques, policies, and infrastructure.  Most of these Fire Mangers work and reside in remote communities, and have few, if any, opportunities to meet other Fire Managers in other jurisdictions to share experiences.

   Unfortunately, travel costs prohibit the kind of broad scale meetings which would allow these individuals to get together.  Even when large meetings are held, only small fractions of the people involved in fire management have the opportunity to attend.  This separate, unlinked, professional environment limits the rate and of knowledge transfer amongst individuals, and limits their ability to improve.   Technology can improve this situation.  Solutions are available from simple teleconferences to World Wide Web delivered �Webinars� that allow people to log in to watch presentations and ask questions on-line.  The CIFFC Fire Science and Technology working group is working to begin linking Fire Managers from across Canada using this technology to allow the exchange of a broad spectrum of ideas, experiences, tools and techniques.  National Conversations on Forest Fire Management is a series of teleconferences, supported by web delivered slide shows.  Interested people from across Canada download a slide show from the CIFFC web site, and then call in to a conference call at a prearranged date and time.   Presentations from upcoming conversations can be accessed from this page. Click on the file links below to download the next presentation.  _____________________________________________________________________________  

Next Conversation January 31, 2018 10:00 MST

Wildfire Risk: Assessing the Probability and Impact of Wildfires in the Province of Alberta






Interested in delivering or hosting a national conversation? Please contact the Chair of the Fire Science Working Committee. 

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