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A seamlessly connected community of fire management agencies in Canada that communicates best practices, collaborates on fire science and technology projects of mutual interest, and exchanges knowledge of scientific research and technology development.


To foster the sharing and exchange of fire science and technology development information to support the use of best practices in fire management. To provide a forum for interested parties to establish cooperative research and development projects, with the objective of finding solutions to common problems. To provide fire science and technology leadership by establishing national research priorities and fostering work on those priorities as resources allow.


1. Conduct annual meetings, during which:
a) members provide a review of science and technology development activities and findings from the past year. 
b) status reports of ongoing cooperative projects are tabled
c) local R&D projects are highlighted;

2. Establish a national communication network to highlight best practices in fire management;

3. Establish a dynamic information library that provides information of current science and technology projects, as well as a directory of external researchers, and their area of interest;

4. Foster the establishment of national networks of technology by user groups  to share experiences and best practices;

5. Define national research priorities;

6. Promote the fulfilling of national research needs as resources permit.


Chair - As of February 2015

CIFFC - Dave Bokovay 


Yukon Territory - Kris Johnson

 British Columbia- Dan Perrakis                                                                

Alberta - Cordy  Tymstra             

 NWT - Vacant

 Nova Scotia - Dustin Oikle

Saskatchewan - Chris Dallyn

 Manitoba - Peter Konopelny

Ontario - Bill Cole

SOPFEU - Vincent Demers

Qu├ębec - Nathalie Lavoie

CFS - Steve Taylor

Academia (West) - Mike Flannigan (University of Alberta)

 Academia (East) - vacant



























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