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The Wildland Fire Management Working Group and CIFFC

 A Working Partnership

The Wildland Fire Management Working Group (WFMWG) was formed in 2007 and is one of the four Working Groups/Task Forces reporting to the Canadian Council of Forest Ministers (CCFM).  The WFMWG provides strategic advice and policy guidance on wildland fire management issues to CCFM, and promotes strategic improvement to wildland fire management in Canada and the implementation of the Canadian Wildland Fire Strategy. The WFMWG is comprised of ADM-level representation from the federal government (Canadian Forest Service) and the 12 provinces and territories with wildland fire management programs.

Recent WFMWG annual work plans have been implemented through a working partnership with CIFFC. The WFWMG provides strategic direction, project oversight and coordination, and financial resources allocated through the CCFM.  CIFFC provides a project management framework through its Working Groups and Communities of Practice, and provides staff resources made available from its member agencies for project delivery.  Mutual benefits are achieved from taking advantage of synergies between the WFMWG workplan and the activities of appropriate CIFFC groups.


Recent WFMWG project reports:

As a follow up to the CIFFC meetings held in Halifax, NS in October 2014, the following reports have been approved by the WFWMG.

Developing More Common Terminology - Final         

Améliorer l'uniformité des normes en matière de vocabulaire, de terminologie et de données se rapportant à  la gestion des feux de végétation au Canada -Finale                                                                                  

Workforce Demographic Issues - Final                      

Questions liées à  l'évolution du profil démographique des effectifs des organisms de gestion des feux - Finale

 Fire Load Trends - Final

Évaluer les tendances passées, présentes et futures en matière de charge de travail relative aux incendies forestiers au Canada - Finale 

 Resource Capacity and Fuel Loading (RCFL)

 Fuels Management

 Fire Load and Resource Capacity Survey Overview

 National Wildland Fuels Management Survey (Revised)

 Aperçu de l'enquète sur le fardeau d'intervention et la capacité des ressources

 Enquête nationale sur la gestion des combustibles à  l'origine de feux de végétation (Révisé)

 Preliminary Trends Noted by Agencies during Data Gathering Stage


 Agency Response Analysis and Summary


 Other Reports or Analysis Noted by Agencies during Data Gathering Stage




















































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