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A seamless exchange of fire aviation assets across national and international boundaries.

To promote the safe, effective and efficient use of aircraft in association with national and international fire management agencies and other CIFFC Working Groups.

- promote a national, consistent approach to aviation safety;
- develop and maintain a consistent aviation incident/accident reporting system;
- review annual aviation incidents and accidents and recommend remedial procedures;
- develop and maintain minimum pilot and air carrier experience, skill and training specifications;
- identify high-risk aviation activities and develop standard operating procedures and training criteria for affected fire crews;
- review the aviation operational procedures of member agencies, identify similarities and differences and develop bridging procedures to facilitate the exchange of aviation and fire crews.

- promote a national approach to the resolution of regulatory issues:
- promote the safe and effective use of aircraft;
- develop appropriate positions and negotiate with regulatory agencies for appropriate waivers;
- identify new regulatory requirements;
- identify levies, taxes, fees and other charges imposed by other levels of government and develop strategies to reduce their effect.

- identification of training needs;
- development of aviation training criteria;
- exchange of training resources and standards development.

Hiring Procedures and Standards
- promote consistent approaches to acquisition of aircraft resources;
- coordinate the use and sharing of aircraft resources during periods of high demand;
- encourage the consistent approach to specific cost factors, e.g. ferry and retention charges.

Operational Guidelines
- identify different operating guidelines and, where able, work towards standardization.

Research and Development
- promote advancements in aviation technology and equipment in response to identified needs;
- promote interagency sharing of information on product and equipment trials and supplies.

Each agency will appoint a member to represent their aviation concerns and to promote acceptable national solutions to aviation issues as they relate to forest fire management.



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