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CIFFC administers a number of working groups established to address issues of national fire management concern. Working groups are comprised of representatives from all provincial, territorial and federal fire management agencies. There are four main Committees that oversee Working Groups which are broken down as follows:

Aviation Working Group
Mandate is to promote the safe, effective and efficient use of aircraft in association with national and international fire management agencies and other CIFFC Working Groups.
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Equipment Working Group
Mandate is to promote, coordinate and disseminate national and international research and development of forest fire equipment and related products.
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Training Working Group
Identify, develop and assess national training standards for personnel exchange and support the fire management curriculum in Canadian educational institutes.
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Resource Management Committee
Mandate is to promote the smooth flow and integration of all wildland fire management resources across national and international borders.
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Geospatial Working Group
Mandate is to provide an interagency forum for GIS professionals to share geospatial ideas, solutions and best practices within the fire management and forest protection environment.

Meteorological Working Group
Mandate is to advise and consult CIFFC members on operational forest & fire meteorological issues. To promote, coordinate and support effective operational forest & fire meteorology activities between CIFFC members and relevant external agencies in Canada.
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Fire Science Committee
Mandate is to promote, coordinate and support effective wildland fire science and technology development and technology transfer in Canada.
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IM/IT Committee
Mandate is to

Mitigation/Prevention Committee




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