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In this section you will find a wide variety of articles, news stories, even some national standards and specifications.

Field Guide to the Canadian Forest Fire Behavior Prediction (FBP) System - Second Edition. Order the Guide HERE

Lest we forget: Canada's major wildland fire disasters of the past, 1825-1938 - Alexander Here

 LACES: Adding an "A" for ANCHOR POINT(S) to the LCES Wildland Firefighting Safety System. - Alexander, Thorburn, 2014.
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Wildland Fire Suppression Related fatalities in Canada, 1941-2010, a Preliminary Report
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Helicopter Pilot Competencies for Wildfire Operations

This page includes the training modules for the knowledge portion of the Industry Best Practices and Training. More >

Hover Exit guidelines V 2.0 Revised March 2018 here
The CIFFC Training Working Group developed a national training standard for hover exit. The guidelines document has been updated.

Aircraft Tracking Data Standards
In order to best track fire fighting aircraft across jurisdictional boundaries during interagency mobilizations a national standard for Aircraft Tracking Data Standards has been adopted by CIFFC Member Agencies.  
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