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To be a leader in safe, effective and efficient, resource sharing.

To ensure that the national exchange standards, business practices and processes are developed and maintained in order to provide for safe, effective and efficient, wildland fire management resource sharing.

To promote the smooth flow of, and integration of, wildland fire management resources across national and international borders by:

  • Maintaining a strong working relationship between RWMG members,
  • Maintaining a strong linkage between the CIFFC Duty Officer and the Provincial/Territorial/Federal Duty Officers,
  • Reviewing the national and International guidelines of the various Agreements and Arrangements and recommending changes,
  • Recommending the development of international arrangements to enhance the movement and exposure of Canadian wildland fire management expertise,
  • Reviewing and revising, the wildland fire management transfer mechanisms (situation reports, conference calls, resource ordering etc.) to ensure the most current information is available,
  • Developing and reviewing, through negotiation the national exchange standards, ideas, concepts and protocols, fore resources (equipment, training, aviation) that will enhance the movement of wildland fire management resources nationally,
  • Oversee the maintenance and integrity of the Canadian Incident Command System, in conjunction with the Chairs of the Training and Aviation Working Groups,
  • Providing a forum, for the sharing and discussing of issues related to wildland fire safety,
  • Completing one time projects that may be assigned from time to time by the Director of the Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre,
  • Presenting an annual report at the Annual CIFFC Operational Meeting.



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