2020 Virtual Study Tour

The North American Study Tour planning team presented a series of outcome based Vignettes aimed at providing an opportunity for participants and host countries to learn from each other and work towards a solution to a shared issue.  Many of the outcomes of these virtual topics are ongoing.

Dates in Australia and New Zealand

  • September 17: Study Tour Meet & Greet: Introduction & Orientation
  • September 24: Wildland Fire Risk Analysis, Assessment and Application
    • Team: Frank Faye (US-lead)
  • October 1: Mitigation versus Response 
    • Team: Barb Geringer-Frazier (US-lead)
  • October 8: Diversity & Inclusion within Wildland Fire: Challenges & Opportunities
    • Team: Maria Sharpe (CAN-lead), Maris Gabliks (US), Jayleen Vera (US), Soledad Holguin (US), Rosa Vidal (US), Yana Stratemeyer (CAN), Carol Loski (CAN), Jane Park (CAN), Laurie VandeSchoot (CAN), Nina Vaughn (CAN), Deana Wall (US), Ana Cristina Nafarrate (MEX) and Rossana Landa (MEX).  
  • October 15: Wrap up & Review