What Firefighters Need to Know About Pyrocumulonimbus Clouds

March 22 2023 | 1300-1400 MST

This presentation will focus on the challenges of communicating the concept of plume-dominated fires to firefighters. The bushfire/wildfire community needs to know more about how and why these events occur and how to communicate the associated risks effectively. It’s important for fireground leaders to notice early warning signs, anticipate how conditions will change, and modify their behaviour accordingly. This means supporting collaboration between researchers and firefighters and sharing research outcomes, so firefighters benefit from the study of this risk. We will hear from Musa Kilinc of the Australian Country Fire Authority (CFA) who will discuss the annual pre-season information related to plume-dominated fire behaviour and how the CFA disseminated this information and the challenges they faced in doing so.

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Musa Kilinc has an academic background and joined the Australian Country Fire Authority (CFA) in 2015 as a fire behaviour analyst in the Predictive Services team. Since joining the CFA, Musa has supported the vegetation management and community engagement teams in the development of bushfire simulator capability and development. He has conducted various research investigations with colleagues looking into ignitability, evaluation of fire behaviour models and is a strong advocate in science translation. Musa works as a fire behaviour analyst at the state and incident-level control centres during the summer period and supports capability development of FBANs in Victoria and nationally.